Registering My Menu

Adding My Menu Tabs

  1. Select [Add My Menu tab].

  2. Select [OK].

    • You can create up to five My Menu tabs by repeating steps 1 and 2.

Registering Menu Items on My Menu Tabs

  1. Select [MY MENU*: Configure].

  2. Select [Select items to register].

  3. Register the desired items.

    • Select an item, then press the Quick Control/Set button button.
    • Select [OK] on the confirmation screen.
    • You can register up to six items.
    • To return to the screen in step 2, press the MENU button.

My Menu Tab Settings

You can sort and delete items on the menu tab, and rename or delete the menu tab itself.

Sort registered items

You can change the order of the registered items in My Menu. Select [Sort registered items], select an item to rearrange, then press the Quick Control/Set button button. With [Top & bottom] displayed, press the Up keyDown key keys to rearrange the item, then press the Quick Control/Set button button.

Delete selected items/Delete all items on tab

You can delete any of the registered items. [Delete selected items] deletes one item at a time, and [Delete all items on tab] deletes all the registered items on the tab.

Delete tab

You can delete the current My Menu tab. Select [Delete tab] to delete the [MY MENU*] tab.


  • Performing [Delete tab] also deletes tab names renamed with [Rename tab].

Rename tab

You can rename the My Menu tab from [MY MENU*].

  1. Select [Rename tab].

  2. Enter text.

    • To delete any unneeded characters, select [Erase].
    • Use the Up keyDown keyLeft keyRight key keys to select a character, then press the Quick Control/Set button button to enter it.
    • By selecting [Input mode], you can change the input mode.
  3. Confirm input.

    • Press the MENU button, then select [OK].

Deleting All My Menu Tabs/Deleting All Items

You can delete all the created My Menu tabs or My Menu items registered on them.

Delete all My Menu tabs

You can delete all My Menu tabs you created. When you select [Delete all My Menu tabs], all the tabs from [MY MENU1] to [MY MENU5] will be deleted and the [My Menu] tab will revert to its default.


  • Performing [Delete all My Menu tabs] also deletes tab names renamed with [Rename tab].

Delete all items

You can delete all the items registered under the [MY MENU1] to [MY MENU5] tabs. The tabs themselves will remain. When [Delete all items] is selected, all the items registered on all the created tabs will be deleted.

Menu Display

You can select [Menu display] to set the menu screen that is to appear first when you press the MENU button.

  • Normal display

    Displays the last displayed menu screen.
  • Display from My Menu tab

    Displays with the [My Menu] tab selected.
  • Display only My Menu tab

    Restricts display to the [My Menu] tab ([Shooting]/[Playback]/[Wi-Fi Function]/[Set-up]/[Display level settings] tabs are not displayed).