Setting Image Search Conditions

You can filter image display according to your search conditions. After setting the image search conditions, you can play back and display only the found images. You can also protect, rate, play a slide show, erase, and apply other operations to filtered images.

  1. Select [Playback: Set image search conditions].

  2. Set the search conditions.

    • Turn the Quick control dial dial to select an option.
    • Turn the Main dial dial to set the option.
    • A checkmark [Check] (1) is appended to the left of the option. (Specified as the search condition.)
    • If you select the option and press the INFO button, the checkmark [Check] will be removed (which cancels the search condition).
    Option Description
    Rating Displays images with the selected (rating) condition.
    Date Displays images taken on the selected shooting date.
    Folder Displays images in the selected folder.
    Protect Displays images with the selected (protect) condition.
    Type of file (1) Displays images of the selected file type.
    Type of file (2)
  3. Apply the search conditions.

    • Press the Quick Control/Set button and read the message displayed.
    • Select [OK].

      The search condition is applied.

  4. Display the found images.

    • Press the Playback button.

      Only the images that match the set conditions (filtered) will be played back.

      When the images are filtered for display, the screen will have an outer yellow frame (2).


  • If no images match the search conditions, pressing the Quick Control/Set button in step 3 has no effect.


  • Search conditions may be cleared after operations involving camera power or card changes and editing, adding, or erasing images.
  • Auto power off time may be extended while the [Playback: Set image search conditions] screen is displayed.

Clearing the Search Conditions

Access the screen in step 2, then press the Erase button to clear all the search conditions.