Advanced Connections

Connecting to a Smartphone or Tablet

You can establish a direct Wi-Fi connection with a smartphone and use Camera Connect to control the camera.

  1. Select [Communication functions: Advanced connection].

  2. Select [OK].

    • This screen is not displayed if the Wi-Fi setting is already set to [Enable].
  3. Select [Connect to smartphone(tablet)].

  4. Select [Add a device to connect to].

  5. Start searching for access points.

    • Press the Quick Control/Set button to start searching.
    • If Camera Connect is not installed, use the smartphone to scan the QR code on the screen, go to Google Play or App Store to install Camera Connect, then press the Quick Control/Set button to start searching.
  6. Establish a Wi-Fi connection.

    • Connect to an access point via Wi-Fi. Follow the instructions for the connection method used.

      • Connecting via WPS (, )
      • Connecting manually to detected networks ()
      • Connecting manually by specifying access point information ()
  7. Start Camera Connect and tap the camera name.

  8. Select [OK].

    • [Wi-Fi on] is displayed on the camera screen ().