Connecting to a Smartphone or Tablet

You can do the following after pairing the camera with a smartphone.

  • Establish a Wi-Fi connection using only the smartphone ().
  • Establish a Wi-Fi connection with the camera even when it is off ().
  • Geotag images with GPS information acquired by the smartphone ().
  • Control the camera remotely from a smartphone ().

You can also do the following after connecting the camera to a smartphone via Wi-Fi.

  • Browse and save images on the camera from a smartphone ().
  • Control the camera remotely from a smartphone ().

Preparing the Smartphone

Turning on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on a Smartphone

Turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi from the smartphone settings screen. Note that pairing with the camera is not possible from the smartphone's Bluetooth settings screen.

Installing Camera Connect on a Smartphone

The dedicated app Camera Connect (free of charge) must be installed on the smartphone on which Android or iOS is installed.

  • Use the latest version of the smartphone OS.
  • Camera Connect can be installed from Google Play or App Store. Google Play or App Store can also be accessed using the QR codes that appear when the camera is paired or connected via Wi-Fi to a smartphone.


  • For the operating system versions supported by Camera Connect, refer to the download site of Camera Connect.
  • Sample screens and other details in this guide may not match the actual user interface elements after camera firmware updates or updates to Camera Connect, Android, or iOS.

Connecting to a Smartphone via Wi-Fi

If the [Welcome] screen displayed initially indicates that the smartphone and camera are already paired, go to step 10.

  1. Select [Communication Functions: Connect to smartphone(tablet)].

  2. Select [OK].

    • This screen is not displayed if the Wi-Fi setting is already set to [Enable].
  3. Select [Add a device to connect to].

  4. Select [OK].

    • This screen is not displayed if the Bluetooth setting is already set to [Enable].
  5. Press the Quick Control/Set button.

  6. Start pairing.

    • Press the Quick Control/Set button to start pairing.
    • If Camera Connect is not installed, use the smartphone to scan the QR code on the screen, go to Google Play or App Store to install Camera Connect, then press the Quick Control/Set button to start pairing.
  7. Start Camera Connect.

    • Following the instructions in the app, select the camera for pairing.
  8. Establish a Bluetooth connection.

    • When a message appears on the smartphone, use the smartphone as indicated.
    • Press the Quick Control/Set button.
  9. Complete the pairing process.

    • Press the Quick Control/Set button to finish pairing.
    • The name of the connected device is displayed.


  • The camera cannot be connected to two or more devices at the same time via Bluetooth. To switch to a different smartphone for the Bluetooth connection, see Reconnecting via Wi-Fi/Bluetooth.
  • Keep in mind that the camera battery level may be low the next time you want to use it, because Bluetooth connections consume battery power even when the camera is off.
  • Troubleshooting pairing
  • Keeping pairing records for previously paired cameras on your smartphone will prevent it from pairing with this camera. Before you try pairing again, remove pairing records for previously paired cameras from your smartphone's Bluetooth settings screen.
  1. Tap a Camera Connect function.

  2. Confirm that the devices are connected via Wi-Fi.

    • [Wi-Fi on] is displayed on the camera screen ().

The Wi-Fi connection to a smartphone is now complete.

  • To end the Wi-Fi connection, select [Disconnect] on the [Wi-Fi on] screen.
  • Terminating the Wi-Fi connection will switch the camera to the Bluetooth connection.
  • To reconnect, start Camera Connect and tap the function you will use.

[Wi-Fi on] screen

  • Confirm Wi-Fi settings

    You can check setting details for Wi-Fi connections.

  • Error details

    After any Wi-Fi connection errors, you can check the error details ().

  • Disconnect

    Terminates the Wi-Fi connection.

Main Functions of Camera Connect

Images on camera

  • Images can be browsed, deleted, or rated.
  • Images can be saved on a smartphone.

Remote live view shooting

  • Enables remote shooting as you view a live image on the smartphone.

Bluetooth remote controller

  • Enables remote control of the camera from a smartphone paired via Bluetooth. (Not available when connected via Wi-Fi.)
  • Auto power off is disabled while you are using the Bluetooth remote controller feature.

Camera settings

  • Camera settings can be changed.

You can check other functions from the main Camera Connect screen.

Maintaining a Wi-Fi Connection When the Camera Is Off

You can use a smartphone to browse images on the camera or perform other operations even when the camera is off, as long as it is paired to the smartphone via Bluetooth.

If you prefer not to stay connected to the camera via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth when it is off, either set [Communication functions: Airplane mode] to [On] or set [Communication functions: Bluetooth settings] to [Disable].


  • This function can no longer be used if the wireless settings are reset or the smartphone connection information is erased.

Canceling the Pairing

Cancel pairing with a smartphone as follows.

  1. Select [Communication functions: Connect to smartphone(tablet)].

  2. Select [Edit/delete device].

  3. Select the smartphone to cancel pairing with.

    • Smartphones currently paired with the camera are labeled [Bluetooth].
  4. Select [Delete connection information].

  5. Select [OK].

  6. Clear the camera information on the smartphone.

    • In the smartphone's Bluetooth setting menu, clear the camera information registered on the smartphone.