Quick Start Guide

  1. Charge the camera ().

    • Charge the camera initially before use ().
  2. Insert the card ().

  3. Turn the camera on ().

    • Press the Power button.
    • If the language selection screen appears, use Cross keys to select the language, then press Quick Control/Set ().
    • If the date/time/zone setting screen appears, use Cross keys to select a setting item, then press Quick Control/Set. Set with the Up key/Down key keys, then press Quick Control/Set ().
    • After the [Welcome] screen appears, follow the on-screen instructions to connect the camera to your smartphone ().
    • In areas where the TV video system is PAL, see Video System.
  4. Flip out the screen and stand, then set the camera down ().

    • You can also use the camera in handheld shooting and recording.
  5. Record a movie ().

    • To start recording, tap [Record] or press the Start/Stop button. To stop recording, tap [] or press the Start/Stop button again.
    • [Focus indicatorREC] is displayed in the upper left while movie recording is in progress, and a blinking red frame is displayed around the screen.
  6. Review the recorded movie.

    • Press the Playback button to play the recorded movie on the screen ().
    • Press the Playback button again to return to the shooting screen.


  • Avoid pinching your fingers when opening or closing the stand.