Image Stabilizer (IS Mode)

The camera's IS mode and movie digital IS features reduce camera shake as movies are recorded.

They can provide effective stabilization even when non-IS lenses are used.

The [IS mode] menu item is not shown when IS-equipped lenses are used. In that case, setting the lens Image Stabilizer switch to ON combines stabilization by the lens and camera.

  1. Select [Shooting: IS (Image Stabilizer) mode].

  2. Select [IS mode].

    • Select [On] to use IS mode on the camera.


  • [IS mode] is not displayed when an IS-equipped lens is attached.

Movie Digital IS

  1. Select [Shooting: IS (Image Stabilizer) mode].

  2. Select a [Movie Digital IS] option.

    • Off (Movie digital IS disable)

      Image stabilization with Movie digital IS is disabled.

    • On (Movie digital IS enable)

      Camera shake will be corrected. The image will be slightly magnified.

    • Enhanced (Movie digital IS enhanced)

      Compared to when [On] is set, stronger camera shake can be corrected. The image will be more magnified.


  • Movie digital IS will not function when the lens's optical Image Stabilizer switch is set to OFF.
  • With non-IS lenses, setting [Movie Digital IS] to [On] or [Enhanced] also sets [IS mode] to [On].
  • Although movies can also be recorded with Movie digital IS when using EF-S lenses or movie cropping, the image area is further reduced.
  • Stabilization by Movie digital IS may be less effective at some movie recording sizes.
  • The wider the angle of view (wide angle), the more effective the image stabilization will be. The narrower the angle of view (telephoto), the less effective the image stabilization will be.
  • When using a tripod, setting Movie digital IS to [Off] is recommended.
  • Depending on the subject and shooting conditions, the subject may blur noticeably (the subject momentarily looks out of focus) due to the effects of the Movie digital IS.
  • Consider setting to [Off] when using a TS-E lens or fish-eye lens.
  • Since Movie digital IS magnifies the image, the image looks more grainy. Noise, dots of light, etc. may also become noticeable.


  • For details on configuring image stabilization for still photo shooting, see Image Stabilizer (IS Mode).
  • With some lenses, even more effective stabilization (indicated by “+” next to the IS icon) is possible when the lens's IS is used in conjunction with [IS mode] and [Movie digital IS] on the camera. For details on lenses compatible with this feature, visit the Canon website ().