Self Portrait Mode

To take shots that include yourself, use [] (Self Portrait) mode. Rotate the screen around toward the lens. Customizable image processing includes skin smoothing as well as brightness and background adjustment to make yourself stand out.

Tips Shooting tips

  • Set the brightness and smooth skin effect.

    [Brightness] and [Smooth skin effect] can be set in a range of five levels. In [Background], you can adjust the level of background blurring.

  • Tap the screen to shoot.

    Besides pressing the shutter button completely to shoot, you can also shoot by tapping the screen, once set to Touch Shutter: Enable by tapping [Touch Shutter off] to change it to [] ().


  • After the camera achieves focus, do not change the distance between you and the camera until the picture is taken.
  • Be careful not to drop the camera.


  • The self-timer lamp () does not blink when the screen is facing toward the front of the camera in [Self Portrait] mode.
  • You can also take shots of yourself in special scene modes other than [Self Portrait] (except [Silent Mode]) by rotating the screen toward the front and tapping [Self Portrait] in the lower left.