Voice Memo Recording and Playback

You can add (record) voice memos to your shots. Voice memos are recorded as WAV audio files with the same file number as the image. They can be played back by the camera or a computer.

Recording Voice Memos

  1. Switch to playback.

  2. Select an image to add a voice memo to.

    • Turn the Quick control dial 1 dial to select an image to add a voice memo to.
  3. Record a voice memo.

    • Hold down the RATE button for approx. 2 sec.
    • Keep holding down the button after [Recording memo...] appears, and speak into the voice memo microphone (1). Each recording can be up to approx. 30 sec.
    • To end the voice memo, release the button.
    • A [Voice memo image] icon is displayed at the top of the screen.


  • Voice memos cannot be added to movies or protected images.
  • Voice memos cannot be recorded with an external microphone.


  • Audio quality of voice memo recording can be changed in [Playback: Memo audio quality].
  • To record voice memos longer than 30 sec., repeat step 3.
  • You can record a single voice memo during image review (immediately after shooting) by following step 3.
  • Even during transfer to an FTP server, you can add a voice memo to images from the playback screen. However, voice memos cannot be added to the image currently being transferred.

Memo Audio Quality

You can set the audio quality for recording voice memos.

  1. Select [Playback: Memo audio quality].

  2. Select an option.

    • 48 kHz: High quality (48 kHz)

      Enables voice memo recording at the same level of audio quality as movies.

    • 8 kHz: Low quality (8 kHz)

      Enables smaller voice memo file sizes than with [High quality (48 kHz)].


  • Additional voice memo recording for images with existing voice memos is performed at the same level of audio quality as the first recording, regardless of this setting.

Playing Voice Memos

  1. Select [Playback: RATE/Voice memo button function].

  2. Select [Play memo(Hold:Rec. memo)].

  3. Select an image for voice memo playback.

    • Press the Playback button to switch to image playback.
    • Turn the Quick control dial 1 dial to select an image labeled with a [Voice memo image] icon at the top of the screen.
  4. Play back the voice memo.

    (1) Speaker

    • Press the RATE button to play the voice memo.
    • You can adjust the sound volume by turning the Main dial dial.
    • To stop playback, press the RATE button.


  • Multiple voice memos added to an image are played back consecutively.
  • Added voice memos cannot be erased by themselves using the camera.
  • Erasing images () also erases any voice memos added to the images.