Hybrid Auto

With Hybrid Auto mode, you can make a short movie of the day just by shooting still photos. The camera records 2–4-second clips of scenes before each shot, which are later combined in a digest movie ().

  1. Set the Mode dial to Hybrid Auto.

  2. Press the Quick Control/Set button button.

    • Read the message and select [OK].
    • Compose your shots and shoot.


  • For more impressive digest movies, keep the camera aimed at subjects for about 4 sec. before shooting still photos.
  • Battery life is shorter in this mode than in Scene Intelligent Auto mode, because digest movies are recorded for each shot.
  • A digest movie may not be recorded if you shoot a still photo immediately after turning the camera on, selecting Hybrid Auto mode, or operating the camera in other ways.
  • Any sounds and vibrations from your camera or lens operations will be recorded in digest movies.
  • Digest movie image quality is HD 29.97fps ALL-I for NTSC or 29.97fps 25.00fps ALL-I for PAL. This varies depending on the video system setting.
  • The camera does not beep in response to operations such as pressing the shutter button halfway or using the self-timer.
  • Digest movies are saved as separate movie files in the following cases even if they were recorded on the same day in Hybrid Auto mode.

    • Digest movie recording time reaches approx. 29 min. and 59 sec. (and may also be saved separately if size exceeds approx. 4 GB).
    • Digest movie is protected.
    • Daylight saving time, video system, or time zone settings are changed.
  • Recorded shutter sounds cannot be modified or erased.
  • When using EOS Utility to shoot, set [Image saving location] in EOS Utility to [Computer and camera memory card] or [Camera memory card only].

Type of Digest Movie

Both still photos and clips are captured when you shoot in Hybrid Auto mode, but you can specify whether to include the still photos in the resulting digest movie.

  1. Set the Mode dial to Hybrid Auto.

  2. Select [Shooting: Digest type].

  3. Select an option.

    • Include stills

      Digest movies include still photos.

    • No stills

      Digest movies do not include still photos.