Exposure Compensation

Exposure compensation can brighten (increased exposure) or darken (decreased exposure) the standard exposure set by the camera.

Exposure compensation is available in P, Tv, Av, and M modes. For details on exposure compensation when M mode and ISO Auto are both set, see Exposure Compensation with ISO Auto.

  1. Select the exposure level indicator.

    • Press the Up key key to display the indicator.
  2. Set the compensation amount.

    Decreased exposure, to darken images

    Increased exposure, to brighten images

    • Set it by looking at the screen as you turn the Dial dial.
    • A [Exposure compensation] icon is displayed to indicate exposure compensation.
  3. Take the picture.

    • To cancel exposure compensation, return the exposure level indicator [] to [], the standard exposure index.


  • If [Shooting: Auto Lighting Optimizer] () is set to any setting other than [Disable], the image may still look bright even if decreased exposure compensation is set to darken images.


  • The exposure compensation amount will remain in effect even after you turn off the camera.
  • Can also be set on the shooting functions screen, in [Shooting: Exposure comp./AEB setting] ().