Configuring EOS Utility Connection Settings

These instructions are continued from Configuring Settings for the Communication Function.

  • To establish a connection, operations on the computer are required. For details, refer to the computer's instruction manual.

Operation on the camera - 1

  1. Select [OK].

    • The following message is displayed.

      "******" represents the last six digits of the MAC address of the transmitter.

Operations on the computer

  1. Start EOS Utility on the computer.

  2. In EOS Utility, click [Pairing over Wi-Fi/LAN].

    • If a firewall-related message is displayed, select [Yes].
  3. Click [Connect] on the computer.

    • Select the camera to connect to, then click [Connect].
    • If multiple cameras are displayed, identify the camera to connect to by the MAC address displayed on the camera's monitor.
    • The MAC address of the transmitter can also be checked on the [MAC address] screen ().

Operations on the camera - 2

  1. Select [OK].

    • When the camera detects the computer on which you clicked [Connect] in step 4, the above screen is displayed.
    • Select [OK] to proceed to the next screen.
  2. Select [OK].

  3. Select [OK].

    • The [Network settings] screen will reappear.
    • The Network lamp lamp on the camera will light in green.
    • Settings information is stored in the camera. It is not stored in the transmitter.

The settings for connecting to EOS Utility are now complete.

  • There is no need to complete pairing again if you continue using the camera to which the transmitter is attached and the computer together after pairing without changing the settings.