Shooting with Speedlites

EL/EX Series Speedlites for EOS Cameras

The camera supports flash photography using all functions of EL/EX series Speedlites (sold separately).

For instructions, refer to the EL/EX series Speedlite's Instruction Manual.


  • Speedlites will not fire intermittently to provide an AF-assist beam.

Canon Speedlites Other Than the EL/EX Series

  • With an EZ/E/EG/ML/TL series Speedlite set to A-TTL or TTL autoflash mode, the flash can be fired at full output only.

    Set the camera's shooting mode to M or Av and adjust the aperture value before shooting.

  • When using a Speedlite that has manual flash mode, shoot in the manual flash mode.

Non-Canon Flash Units

Sync speed

The camera can synchronize with non-Canon compact flash units at up to 1/250 sec. With large studio flash units, the flash duration is longer than that of a compact flash unit and varies depending on the model. Before shooting, confirm that flash sync is performed correctly by taking some test shots at a sync speed of approx. 1/60 sec. to 1/30 sec.


  • Manually lower the built-in flash before attaching an external flash unit.
  • Using the camera with a dedicated flash unit or flash accessory for cameras of other manufacturers poses a risk of malfunction and even damage.
  • Do not attach a high-voltage flash unit to the camera's hot shoe. It may not fire.