IS Settings

You can reduce camera shake as movies are recorded.


  • Set [Shooting: Movie Auto level] to [Disable].
  1. Select [Shooting: Movie Digital IS].

  2. Select an option.

    • Off (IS setting off)

      Deactivates image stabilization.

    • On (IS setting on)

      Camera shake will be corrected. The image will be slightly magnified.

    • Enhanced (IS setting enhanced)

      Compared to when [On] is set, stronger camera shake can be corrected. The image will be more magnified.


  • Stabilization from the Digital IS setting may be less effective at some movie recording sizes.
  • Consider setting to [Off] when using a tripod.
  • Depending on the subject and shooting conditions, subject blur may be noticeable (subjects may look out of focus momentarily) due to the effect of the Digital IS setting.
  • Images look more grainy due to the Digital IS setting, which magnifies images. Noise, dots of light, etc. may also become noticeable.