Connecting to a Wireless Remote Control

This camera can also be connected to Wireless Remote Control BR-E1 (sold separately, ) via Bluetooth for remote control shooting.

  1. Select [Communication functions: Connect to Wireless Remote].

  2. Select [Add a device to connect to].

  3. Select [OK].

    • This screen is not displayed if the Bluetooth setting is already set to [Enable].
  4. Pair the devices.

    • When the screen shown above appears, press and hold the W and T buttons on the BR-E1 simultaneously for at least 3 sec.
    • After a message confirms that the camera is paired with the BR-E1, press the SET button.
  5. Set up the camera for remote shooting.

    • For instructions after the pairing is complete, refer to the BR-E1's Instruction Manual.


  • Bluetooth connections consume battery power even after the camera's auto power off is activated.


  • When you will not use Bluetooth, setting [Communication functions: Bluetooth settings] to [Disable] is recommended ().

Canceling the Pairing

Before pairing with a different BR-E1, clear the information about the connected remote control.

  1. Select [Communication functions: Connect to Wireless Remote].

  2. Select [Delete connection information].

  3. Select [OK].