Picture Style Registration

You can select a base Picture Style such as [Portrait] or [Landscape], adjust it as desired, and register it under [User Def. 1]–[User Def. 3]. Useful when creating several Picture Styles with different settings.

Picture Styles that you have registered on the camera using EOS Utility (EOS software, ) can also be modified here.

  1. Press the Picture Style selection button.

    • The Picture Style selection screen will appear.
  2. Select a user-defined style number.

    • Select a number from [User Def. 1] to [User Def. 3], then press the INFO button.
  3. Press SET.

    • With [Picture Style] selected, press SET.
  4. Select the base Picture Style.

    • Select the base Picture Style.
    • Also select styles this way when adjusting styles registered to the camera with EOS Utility (EOS software).
  5. Select an item.

  6. Set the effect level.

    • Press the MENU button to save the adjusted setting and return to the Picture Style selection screen.

      The base Picture Style will be indicated on the right of [User Def. *].

      Blue style names indicate that you have changed the settings from default values.


  • If a Picture Style is already registered under [User Def. *], changing the base Picture Style will clear the parameter settings of the previously registered User Defined Picture Style.
  • All [User Def. *] settings are reset when [Clear all camera settings] in [Set-up: Clear settings] () is performed.


  • To shoot with a registered Picture Style, select the registered [User Def. *], then shoot.
  • Regarding the procedure to register a Picture Style file to the camera, refer to the EOS Utility Instruction Manual ().