Modeling Flash

When you press the aperture button on the camera, the flash fires continuously for about 1 second. This function is called "modeling flash". This is useful for checking shadows cast on the subject by the flash light and the lighting balance during wireless flash shooting (, ).

  1. Press the depth-of-field preview button on the camera.

    • The flash fires continuously for approx. 1 sec.


  • To avoid degrading and damaging the flash head due to overheating, set the number of modeling flashes to 55 or less. After firing the modeling flash for the above listed number of times, allow a rest time of at least 50 minutes.
  • If you fire the modeling flash for the above listed number of times, and then fire the flash again repeatedly at short intervals, the safety function will activate and flash firing restriction will be carried out. When the flash firing restriction level is 1, the firing interval is automatically set to about 8 seconds. If this happens, allow a rest time of at least 50 min.
  • During Live View shooting, firing the modeling flash (by operating the camera) is not possible.
  • Modeling flash cannot be fired (by an operation on the camera side) when the flash is used in combination with the EOS R6, EOS R5, EOS RP, EOS R, EOS M6 Mark II, EOS M50, EOS M6, EOS M5, EOS M3, EOS M2, EOS M, EOS Elan II/Elan II E/50/50E, EOS REBEL 2000/300, EOS REBEL G/500N, EOS REBEL K2/3000V, EOS REBEL XS N/REBEL G II/3000N/66, EOS IX, or EOS IX Lite/IX7. Set C.Fn-02 to 1 or 2 () and use the test flash button to perform modeling flash.


  • During normal flash shooting or when using the flash as the sender unit in radio transmission / optical transmission wireless shooting, you can fire the modeling flash with the test flash button (C.Fn-02).