Radio Transmission Wireless Flash Shooting

This chapter describes how to use strobe shooting using the radio transmission wireless sender / receiver function.

See the system map () for the accessories required for radio transmission wireless flash shooting.


  • When the camera's shooting mode is set to a fully automatic mode or a Basic Zone mode, the operations in this chapter are not available. Set the camera's shooting mode to Flexible AE Program AE Shutter priority AE Aperture-priority AE Manual exposure bulb (Bulb) (Advanced shooting zone).
  • When prioritizing radio transmission wireless flash shooting, do not operate the power switch, open the battery storage unit cover, etc. The wireless connection will be terminated.


  • The EL-1 attached to the camera is called a "sender unit" while the Speedlite controlled wirelessly is called a "receiver unit".
  • The EL-1 allows remote release (remote shooting) from the receiver unit (). For details, refer to the Instruction Manual of the Speedlite that is equipped with the remote release function.