Shooting with Flash

For details on the setting items, refer to the instruction manual of EOS cameras and EL/EX series Speedlites.

  1. Prepare the camera and flash unit.

    • When using an external flash unit, attach it to the camera.
    • With a built-in flash, raise the flash.
  2. Connect the camera and computer.

  3. Start EU ().

  4. Click [Remote Shooting].

  5. Click [Flash].

  6. Click [Flash function settings].

    • Display details may vary depending on the camera connected.
    • If [Raise built-in flash] is displayed, click to raise the built-in flash.
  7. Configure the settings as needed.

    • The window displayed varies depending on the camera and flash used.
    • The [Built-in flash] pull-down menu appears when the EOS 77D, REBEL T6s/760D, REBEL T7i/800D, or REBEL T6i/750D is connected. To use wireless flash functions, select [EasyWireless] or [CustWireless]. To cancel wireless functions, select [NormalFiring].

      1. Confirm that this option is selected
      2. Click setting items, then select options in the menu displayed*
      3. [Wireless func.] button
      4. Enable the wireless function, click the setting items, then select options in the menu displayed*

      Scroll-wheel input is also supported in these menus.


      • The [Flash function settings] window in EU automatically closes if a Speedlite control menu is displayed on the camera.


      • To use modeling flash, click [Modeling flash]. Note that modeling flash should not be used continuously more than 10 times.

        For details, refer to the Speedlite instruction manual.

      • Click [Flash function settings] to update the information in the [Flash function settings] window, so that it matches the current flash settings.

        (Any setting adjustments made on the flash unit itself are not reflected in the [Flash function settings] window. Click [Flash function settings] to update the [Flash function settings] window to match current flash settings.)

      • Flash settings can be saved as a file separate from images by clicking [Save]. These files can also be loaded in EU for use in other shooting by clicking [Load].
      • Flash can also be used in Remote Live View shooting ().

        However, modeling flash is not available in Remote Live View shooting.

      • Settings available in the [Flash function settings] window vary depending on the camera and flash used.
  8. Click [Shoot button] to shoot.

    • Hover the cursor over [Shoot button] to perform AF/AE () when the AF/MF switch in the capture window is set to [AF].