Using IPTC Information

With MFT, you can add and edit IPTC* information (comments on images, such as captions, credits, and shooting locations) to transferred images.

International Press Telecommunications Council

Creating new IPTC Information

  1. Launch MFT and select [Register IPTC information].

  2. Enter the information.

  3. Select [Folder].

  4. Select [Save to XMP file].

  5. Enter the file name, then tap [Save].

    • It will be saved as an XMP file.
    • When editing IPTC information, select [Open XMP file] in step 4 and then select the XMP file to edit.


  • You can check IPTC information saved in the MFT folder by launching the [Files] app on your smartphone and then tapping [On My iPhone] → [Mobile File Transfer].
  • When using externally created IPTC information, convert it to an XMP file and send it to your smartphone as an e-mail attachment. Save the transferred or attached XML file to the MFT folder in your smartphone.