Transfer images over wired connections

  1. Set the [Set-up: Choose USB connection app] in the camera's setting menu.
    (EOS R3, EOS R6 Mark II)

    • Select [Photo Import/Remote Control] when connecting to an Android smartphone.
    • Select [Canon app(s) for iPhone] when connecting to an iOS smartphone.
  2. Connect the camera and smartphone with a USB cable or the Multi-Function Shoe Adapter for Smartphone Link AD-P1.

    When using a USB cable

    • Connect the USB cable to the camera's digital terminal and the smartphone's terminal.
    • We recommend that you use genuine Canon products (Interface Cable IFC-100U or IFC-400U) when connecting to an Android smartphone.
    • When connected to an iOS smartphone, the products below can be used.

      • Name of manufacturer/Name of product: Anker/514 Lightning to USB-C Accessory Cable (0.9m, for Camera)

    When using the AD-P1 (Android smartphones, EOS R3, EOS R6 Mark II)

    • Please refer to the instruction manual included with the AD-P1.
  3. Launch MFT and tap the upper right corner of the screen.

  4. Tap [Connection mode] from the [Settings] screen.

  5. Select the connection method.



    • Select [USB].
    • If the connection is unstable, select [Prioritize connectivity with camera]. (Android only)
    • Tap [OK] after set up is complete.
    • Tap the upper right corner of the screen and close the [Settings] screen.
    • Tap [Search again] if the image below appears.

  6. Use MFT to transfer images.