Using the Application

Before using the application, transfer the images you will process to the computer.

  1. Start the application.

    • Double-click the [Neural network Upscaling Tool] icon on the desktop.
  2. Select an image.

    • Select an image to process with the application by choosing [Open file] in the [File] menu, or by clicking the [Add] button.
    • You can also add an image by dragging it to the window.
    • To remove an image from the list, select it, then click [Delete].
    • In [Destination folder], specify a folder for saving images produced by the application.
  3. Click [Execute].

    • Click [OK] after [Please note that image processing takes time.] is displayed.
    • Click [Exit] after image processing is complete.
    • Images produced by the application are saved with “_Up” added to the file name. These files are saved in the same image format as the original files.


  • Color spaces of images produced by the application are as follows.
    • Original images in an sRGB or AdobeRGB color space: Same color space is applied
    • Original images in a color space other than sRGB or AdobeRGB: sRGB color space is applied