Flash Function Settings Window Functions

  • The window displayed varies depending on the camera and flash used.
  • The [Built-in flash] pull-down menu appears when the EOS 77D, REBEL T6s/760D, REBEL T7i/800D, or REBEL T6i/750D is connected.
  • For details on functions of the [Flash function settings] window, see Shooting with Flash.
  1. (1)Zoom/focal length
  2. (2)Flash metering
  3. (3)Flash mode
  4. (4)Syncro setting*1
  5. (5)Wireless function button
  6. (6)Channel
  7. (7)Sender flash ON/OFF
  8. (8)Flash output level and flash exposure compensation amount*2 when wireless operation is set
  9. (9)[Save] button
  1. (10)Stroboscopic flash frequency
  2. (11)Stroboscopic flash count
  3. (12)Settings update button
  4. (13)Flash exposure compensation amount / Flash output level*2
  5. (14)Wireless radio ID
  6. (15)Flash ratio
  7. (16)[Modeling flash] button
  8. (17)[Load] button
  • 1: 1st curtain sync1st-curtain sync/2nd curtain sync2nd-curtain sync/Hi-speed syncHigh-speed sync
  • 2: Display details vary depending on settings. For information on settings, also refer to the instruction manual of EOS cameras and EX series Speedlites.