Loading the Ink Cassette

  1. Check the ink cassette size.

    • Make sure the size of the ink cassette matches the size of paper you will use.
  2. Open the ink cassette compartment cover.

  3. Load the ink cassette.

    • Insert the ink cassette into the printer in the direction of the arrow on the cassette until it clicks into place.
  4. Close the ink cassette compartment cover.

Changing ink cassettes

  • If a message indicates that the ink has run out, open the ink cassette compartment cover without turning off the power.
  • Move the lock in the direction shown to remove the ink cassette, and then insert a new ink cassette ().


  • Do not touch the ink sheet.
  • Avoid getting dust on the ink sheet.
  • Do not reuse ink cassettes.


  • If the ink sheet is loose, turn the sprocket gently to tighten it.
  • For an ink cassette that has a lock on the bottom, press the lock (as shown) to release it as you turn the sprocket to make the sheet taut.