Saving Picture Style Files

After editing, save the results to your computer as Picture Style files.

  1. Click [Save].

  2. Specify the file name and destination.



    • Caption and copyright input is limited to single-byte characters.
    • To prevent subsequent editing or viewing of setting details, select the [Disable subsequent editing] checkbox before saving Picture Style files.
    • Click [Save] after entering the information.


  • Saving in PF2 format will prevent the following editing details from being included. Save as a PF3 file.

    • Adjustments to [Fineness] or [Threshold] in [Sharpness] on the [Basic] pane
    • Tone curve adjustments on the [Basic] pane
    • Adjustments on the [Six Color-Axes] pane
    • Picture Style files saved with [Disable subsequent editing] selected can be used the same way as files saved without this option selected (), but they cannot be opened in PSE.


  • Consider also saving Picture Style files as a separate file, without [Disable subsequent editing] selected, before saving with [Disable subsequent editing] selected.