Set the Flash Coverage

Flash coverage (the range covered by the flash light) can be set automatically or manually. When set to A (automatic setting), the flash coverage is adjusted automatically according to the focal length (shooting angle of view) of the lens in use and the image sensor size (). With the M (manual setting), you can manually set flash coverage in the range of 24 to 200 mm.

  1. Select ZOOM with the joystick.

  2. Set the flash coverage.

    • Push the joystick up / down / left / right or turn Select dial to select the flash coverage, then push the joystick vertically.
    • Select AUTO for automatic setting, or select a value (indicating the focal length mm) for manual setting.


  • When you set the flash coverage manually, set the same or a wider coverage than the angle of view for shooting to avoid darkening the periphery of the picture.
  • When a lens with a focal length of less than 24 mm is attached, the Out of flash coverage range warning warning is displayed on the LCD panel. When using a camera with the image sensor size smaller than full-frame, the Out of flash coverage range warning warning is displayed when the actual shooting angle of view is wider than the angle of view of a 24 mm lens.
  • When shooting with the sync terminals of the camera and the Speedlite connected by a commercially-available sync cord, set the flash coverage manually.

Wide Panel

When you use the flash's built-in wide panel, you can perform flash photography covering the angle of view of an ultra-wide angle lens with focal length as wide as 14 mm.

  1. Pull out the wide panel.

    • Pull out the protruding area located in the center of the wide panel.
    • The white catchlight panel is pulled out at the same time.
  2. Push back the catchlight panel.

    • Push back the catchlight panel only, keeping the wide panel down.


  • Since underexposure may occur, the Wide panel + bounce warning warning is displayed on the LCD panel when using the wide panel with bounce flash.
  • Do not pull out the wide panel with excessive force. Doing so may detach the wide panel from the Speedlite.
  • Angle of view of EF15mm f/2.8 Fisheye or EF8-15mm f/4L Fisheye USM is not supported.


  • The flash coverage is set automatically when using the wide panel. It cannot be changed arbitrarily.