FE Lock

The FE (Flash Exposure) lock locks the correct flash exposure setting for any part of the subject.

With ETTL or CSP is displayed in the panel, push the Multi-function or AE lock (AE lock) and FE Lock buttons on the camera.

  1. Focus on the subject.

  2. Press the Multi-function button (Timer 16 seconds).

    • With the subject at the center of the viewfinder, press the camera's Multi-function button.
    • The Speedlite will fire a preflash and the required flash output for the subject is retained in memory.
    • "FEL" will be displayed in the viewfinder for approx. 0.5 sec.
    • Each time you press the Multi-function button, a preflash will be fired and the new flash output required at that time is retained in memory.


  • If a correct exposure cannot be obtained when FE lock is performed, FE lock out-of-range warning blinks in the viewfinder. Move closer to the subject or open the aperture, and perform FE lock again. You can also set a higher ISO speed and perform FE lock again when using a digital camera.
  • If the target subject is too small in the viewfinder, FE lock may not be effective.