Settings that can be changed with Personal Functions

P.Fn-01: AF-assist beam firing method (AF-assist beam projection method)

You can select the AF-assist beam projection method.

  • 0: Infrared AF-assist beam (Infrared AF-assist beam)

  • 1: Intermittent flash firing method (Intermittent flash firing method)

    Fire the AF-assist beam using the intermittent flash firing method ().


  • The AF-assist beam is not projected during live view shooting.
  • When a color filter is fitted, the AF-assist beam will not be projected by the () intermittent flash.
  • For the EOS R series, an AF-assist beam is projected by the intermittent flash regardless of the projection method of the AF-assist beam and whether a color filter is fitted. However, an AF-assist beam may be projected by the camera instead of the flash depending on the surrounding brightness. Also, when a color filter is fitted and the setting is set to [1: Intermittent flash firing method (Intermittent flash firing method)], an AF-assist beam is projected by the camera.
  • For the EOS M series, an AF-assist beam is not projected by the flash.

P.Fn-02: Quick flash (Quick flash)

You can set whether or not to fire the flash (fire the quick flash) when the flash-ready lamp is flashing in red (before the flash is fully charged) to shorten the charge waiting time.

  • 0: ON (Enabled)
  • 1: OFF (Disabled)


  • When Quick flash () is fired during continuous shooting, underexposure may occur since the flash output decreases.

P.Fn-03: Flash firing during linked shooting (Flash firing during linked shooting)

When performing linked shooting (), you can set whether or not to fire the flash attached to the camera. Set it on each flash to be used in linked shooting.

  • 0: OFF (Disabled)

    The flash does not fire during linked shooting.

  • 1: ON (Enabled)

    The flash fires during linked shooting.


  • If you fire multiple Speedlites simultaneously during linked shooting, the appropriate exposure may not be obtained or uneven exposure may result.

P.Fn-04: Changing the settings with the dial (Change settings with dial)

Push the joystick vertically to display the setting screen as shown in the figure and turn Select dial to select whether to allow the following functions to be set directly.

  • 0: OFF (Disabled)

    This is the normal operation method.

  • 1: ON (Enabled)

    You can select the items "flash exposure compensation amount", "manual flash output", "firing group control", "flash ratio", "firing mode during group firing", "firing group of receiver unit" and " FEB" with the joystick and set them directly simply by turning Select dial.

    When the flash mode is set to MULTI, you can set the "flash frequency" and "number of flashes" directly, and when it is set to Ext.M, you can set the "ISO speed" and "aperture value" directly.


  • To select an item in the settings screen when P.Fn-04-1 is set, push the joystick up / down / left / right.

P.Fn-05: FEM (FE memory)

You can select whether to update the manual mode flash output being maintained according to the flash output fired by the ETTL.

  • 0: OFF
  • 1: ON
  • 2: ON / MODE ETTL/M


  • When P.Fn-05-2 is set, even if you push the joystick down to choose MODE, the mode will not change to a mode other than ETTL or M. If you want to choose another mode, display the settings screen by pushing the joystick vertically and push the joystick up / down / left / right, or turn Select dial to choose an item and select the mode.

P.Fn-06: Beep (Beep)

You can enable a beep to sound when flash recharge is complete.

  • 0: ON

    In normal shooting (on-camera flash photography), the beep will sound when the flash unit is fully charged.

    When the Speedlite is set as the sender during radio transmission wireless shooting, the beep will sound on the sender unit when all flash units (sender and receiver units) are fully charged. You can confirm recharging of the entire wireless system by the beep tone on the sender unit. For the receiver units, either 0 or 1 can be set for P.Fn-06. When the Speedlite is set as the sender during optical transmission wireless shooting, a receiver in radio transmission / optical transmission wireless shooting, or a sender / receiver in linked shooting, a beep will sound on each flash set to 0 at full charge ().

  • 1: OFF

    The beep does not sound.


  • When 0 is set, the beep will also sound when the temperature of the flash head rises and flash firing is restricted ().

P.Fn-07: Fan (Fan)

You can set whether to operate the fan.

  • 0: ON
  • 1: OFF


  • If the fan breaks down or the rpm is high, a warning is displayed and the fan stops.

  • When shooting a video with the flash connected to the camera, the fan actuation sound may be recorded.
  • You can force the fan to stop when P.Fn-07-1 is set.
  • When P.Fn-07-1 is set, the number of continuous flashes is lower than when the fan is moving and the required rest time until the warning icon is cleared is extended.
  • When P.Fn-07-0 is set, the fan will start when the firing or modeling lamp is lit. The fan may start even if the flash is not fired depending on the internal temperature of the flash.
  • When the fan breaks down, the number of continuous firings () will be the same as when the fan is stopped regardless of the P.Fn-07 setting.

P.Fn-08: MODELING LAMP (brightness, color) (Modeling lamp (brightness, color))

You can set the color and brightness of the modeling lamp.

Use the joystick to select LAMP brightness or LAMP color. Turn Select dial to select your desired setting, then push the joystick vertically.

(1) Selected cursor position

(2) Default indicator

  • LAMP brightness: Push the joystick to the left or right or turn Select dial to set the brightness of the modeling lamp.
  • LAMP color: Push the joystick to the left or right or turn Select dial to set the color temperature of the modeling lamp.


  • You can either push the joystick to the left or right when the modeling lamp is lit, or turn Select dial and push the joystick vertically to change the brightness and color temperature.

P.Fn-09: MODELING LAMP (lit time) (Modeling lamp (lit time))

You can set the lit time of the modeling lamp.

  • 0: 5 min
  • 1: 30 min
  • 2: Unlimited