Color Filter

When shooting with flash under incandescent illumination (a tungsten light source), reddish, unnatural colors may result on the subject's background where the flash light does not reach. By attaching the provided color filter to the flash, automatic correction is made by the camera's white balance function so that both the subject and background can be shot with appropriate white balance.

Filter Contrast Correction effect Application
Color filter
Light Weak Compensates for the effect of an incandescent light bulb
Dense Strong
  1. Attach the color filter.

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    • Attach the filter securely to the flash head until it clicks in place as shown in the figure.
    • Check that the display changes to Color filter attached.
    • To remove the filter, follow the procedure in reverse order. Raise the attachment tab on the lower side of the filter and remove the filter from the flash head.
  2. Take the picture.

    • Set the camera's white balance to Flash, then take the picture.
    • With EOS DIGITAL cameras released in and after 2012, you can also set the white balance to Auto white balance for shooting (except with EOS REBEL T5/1200D).
    • Check the resulting image and perform white balance correction on the camera as required.


  • The flash guide number decreases when you use the color filter. When performing manual flash or stroboscopic flash, compensate the flash output by approx. +1/3 stop with the "Low density" filter and by approx. +1 stop with the "High density" filter.
  • Do not use a commercially-available color filter in combination with the provided color filter.


  • With cameras that are not compatible with color temperature information transmission (), take a shot and set it for manual white balance using the color filter in the shooting environment, set the white balance to Manual, and shoot.
  • When shooting with a flash with a color filter and wide angle lens attached, the peripheral light intensity may drop.
  • If dirt or dust adheres to the color filter, wipe it off with a soft, dry cloth.
  • You can also attach the bounce adapter () when using the color filter.
  • If you want to shoot with the ambiance of tungsten-light (warm color cast), set the white balance compensation toward the amber side.