Focus Bracketing

EOS R3R5R5 CR6R6 Mark IIR7R8R10R50RP90DM6 Mark II

Focus bracketing enables continuous shooting with the focal distance changed automatically after each shot. From these images, you can create a single image in focus over a wide area by using an application that supports depth compositing, such as Digital Photo Professional (EOS software).

  • Configurable functions vary depending on the camera connected.
  • For details on precautions and available functions, refer to the instruction manual of the connected camera.
  1. Click [Remote shooting mode 2] in the capture window.

  2. Click [Focus bracketing].

  3. Configure settings as needed, then click [OK].

  4. Take a picture.

    • Focus at the nearer end of your preferred focal range, then click [Shoot button].
    • Once shooting begins, remove the cursor from [Shoot button].
    • The camera shoots continuously, shifting the focal position toward infinity.
    • Shooting ends after your specified number of images, or at the far end of the focal range.