Printer Setup

Several settings that control SELPHY operation can also be changed. The setting is retained even when SELPHY is turned off or memory cards are removed.

  1. Choose [Setup] and press OK.

  2. Choose [Printer Setup] and press OK.

  3. Choose an item to change and press OK.

Manual/Software URL

To download an instruction manual, scan the displayed QR code with a smartphone.

ID Photo Priority

  • Displays the ID Photo Settings screen () automatically after SELPHY is turned on, when a memory card is inserted, and after printing.
  • When this setting is set to [Off], the [Select & Print] screen () is displayed instead.
  • Off (default) / On

Keep Print Settings

  • Retain print settings () even after the printer is turned off.
  • Can be set separately for each print setting.
  • Off (default) / On

Date Format

  • When adding the date (), adjust the date format as needed.
  • yyyy/mm/dd / mm/dd/yyyy / dd/mm/yyyy (default)

Power Saving

  • SELPHY turns off automatically if left idle for about five minutes.
  • On (default) / Off


  • SELPHY does not turn off automatically in these cases.

    • When a different device is connected
    • When Wi-Fi is enabled
    • When an error message is displayed
    • When SELPHY Photo Layout is connected to SELPHY, after installation on a smartphone as described in Using SELPHY Photo Layout


  • Change the language of menus and messages ().