Uploading Images to image.canon

This section describes how to send images to image.canon.

Connecting the Camera to image.canon

Link the camera to image.canon to send images directly from the camera.

  • A smartphone with a browser and internet connection is required.
  • For instructions on how to use image.canon services and details on countries and regions where it is available, visit the image.canon site (https://image.canon/).
  • Separate ISP connection and access point fees may apply.
  1. Select [Communication functions: Upload to image.canon].

    • Select [OK] when a message is displayed to inform you that [Communication functions: Wi-Fi settings] is set to [Disable].
  2. Select [OK].

    • This screen is not displayed if the Wi-Fi setting is already set to [Enable].
  3. Select [Connect].

    • If the dedicated app has not been installed, select [Install].
  4. Select [OK].

  5. Scan the QR code with the dedicated app.

    • Select [OK].
  6. Establish a Wi-Fi connection.

    • Connect to an access point via Wi-Fi. Follow the instructions for the connection method used.

      • Connecting via WPS (, )
      • Connecting manually to detected networks ()
      • Connecting manually by specifying access point information ()
  7. Confirm that the number is displayed in the dedicated app.

    • Select [OK].
  8. Complete the settings.

    • Press the Quick Control/Set button.
    • The setting menu is displayed on the camera screen.


    • The [Web service] icon changes to [Connected to Web service].

  9. Check the dedicated app.

    • Confirm that the camera model name is registered in the dedicated app.

[Upload to image.canon] screen

  • Auto send

    You can choose whether to upload images automatically.

  • Type to send

    You can select the type of images uploaded.

  • Switch network

    You can change the settings for Wi-Fi connections.

  • Clear camera web link settings

    You can clear the camera web link settings.

Uploading Images to image.canon

Images are automatically uploaded to image.canon after the camera starts up (or recovers from auto power off). Images uploaded to image.canon can be downloaded to a computer or transferred to other web services.

  • Uploading is not possible during interval timer shooting.
  1. Select [Communication functions: Upload to image.canon].

    • The [Upload to image.canon] screen appears ().
  2. Set [Auto send] to [Enable].

    • If [Auto send] is already set to [Enable], go to step 3.
  3. Set [Type to send].

    • Stills only

      Uploading only applies to still photos.

    • Stills+movies

      Uploading applies to both still photos and movies.

  4. Restart the camera.


    • Uploaded images are stored at image.canon for 30 days at the original image size, without storage limitations.