RAW Burst Mode

Enables fast continuous shooting of RAW images. Useful for choosing the best shot, taken at exactly the right moment, from your captured images. Shots are captured as a single file (roll) with multiple images.

You can extract any image from the roll to save it separately ().

  1. Select [Shooting: RAW burst mode].

  2. Set [RAW burst mode].

  3. Select [Enable].

    • After you select [Enable], [RAW burst] is displayed when you shoot.
  4. Select [Pre-shooting].

  5. Set an option.

    • [Enable]: Shooting begins slightly before (up to approx. 0.5 sec. before) you press the shutter button completely, after you momentarily press it halfway. [Pre-shooting on] is displayed when you shoot.
    • [Disable]: Shooting begins when you press the shutter button completely. [Pre-shooting off] is displayed when you shoot.
  6. Shoot.

    • An on-screen indicator shows buffer status. The color varies by status. The indicator is green during shooting, red if recording is not possible because the buffer is full, and white otherwise.
    • Pressing the shutter button completely shoots continuously until the buffer is full or you release the button.


  • Use cards with 4 GB or more of free space.
  • Images may not be captured correctly if the battery runs out during image processing while you are shooting in RAW burst mode with a slow-writing card and low battery.
  • Display pauses when you press the shutter button halfway.
  • Camera shake or subject motion may cause image distortion.
  • ISO Auto is used when shooting in P, Tv, or Av mode.
  • Shutter speeds slower than 1/30 sec. are not available in Fv, Tv, or M mode.
  • The camera shoots with 24 megapixels (6000×4000).
  • Images are captured using the electronic shutter. Before shooting, consider checking “Shutter Mode” ().
  • To view images in rolls on a computer, either extract them or use the EOS software Digital Photo Professional.
  • Set [Shooting: RAW burst mode] to [Disable] if you will connect the camera to a computer and use the EOS software EOS Utility. Setting it to [Enable] will prevent the camera from communicating with the computer.
  • Maximum burst may be lower under low light.
  • In RAW burst mode, the aperture value will change if you zoom while pressing the shutter button halfway or completely with zoom lenses that have variable maximum aperture. To maintain the same exposure in M mode, consider shooting with ISO Auto.
  • In RAW burst mode, even with zoom lenses that do not have variable maximum aperture, exposure may change if you zoom while pressing the shutter button halfway or completely. For details, refer to the Canon website ().
  • There may be a delay before subsequent shooting in RAW burst mode is possible, depending on shooting conditions, the type of memory card, and the number of shots taken continuously. Writing will finish faster on cards with a fast write speed.


  • RAW images captured are saved in a single file (roll). These files have a .CR3 file extension.
  • Picture Style, white balance, and Auto Lighting Optimizer settings configured for the first shot also apply to the next shots.
  • The camera does not beep as you are shooting.
  • [Shooting: RAW burst mode] reverts to [Disable] when the power switch is set to Power off.