Image Stabilizer (IS Mode)

Image stabilization by the camera reduces camera shake in still photo shooting. Set [IS mode] to [On] as follows when using non-IS lenses. With IS-equipped lenses, camera shake is reduced using stabilization by both the camera and lens. When using IS lenses that do not have an IS switch, set [IS mode] to [On]. Note that the [IS mode] setting is not displayed when you are using IS lenses that have an IS switch. In that case, setting the lens IS switch to ON combines stabilization by the camera and lens.

  1. Select [Shooting: IS (Image Stabilizer) mode].

  2. Select [IS mode].

    • Select [On].
  3. Select [Still photo IS].

    • [Always]: Provides constant image stabilization.
    • [Only for shot]: Image stabilization is active only at the moment of shooting.


  • In some cases, this may not provide sufficient stabilization for certain lenses.


Focal Length

Image stabilization based on your specified lens focal length is possible by setting the focal length when using lenses that do not support lens communication.

  1. Select [Focal length].

  2. Set the focal length.

    • Turn the Quick control dial dial to select the digit of the focal length.
    • Press the Quick Control/Set button to display [Adjust].
    • Set a value, then press the Quick Control/Set button. (Returns to [Select].)
  3. Select [OK].


  • Set [Custom Functions: Release shutter w/o lens] to [Enable]. [Disable] prevents image stabilization.
  • [Focal length] is not displayed when lenses are attached that support lens communication.


  • Focal length can be set in a range of 1–1000 mm (in 1 mm increments).