AF-Assist Beam Firing

You can specify to use the AF-assist beam of the built-in flash or a Speedlite in viewfinder shooting.

  1. Select [Shooting: AF-assist beam firing].

  2. Select an option.

  • [ON] Enable

    Enables firing of the AF-assist beam, when needed.

    Raise the built-in flash if you will use it to fire the AF-assist beam.

  • [OFF] Disable

    Disables firing of the AF-assist beam. Set if you prefer not to fire the AF-assist beam.

  • [] Enable external flash only

    Enables firing of the AF-assist beam when needed, only when external Speedlites are used.

  • [IR] IR AF assist beam only

    Enables infrared AF-assist beam firing by external Speedlites equipped with this feature, when these flash units are attached.


  • If an external Speedlite's [AF-assist beam firing] Custom Function is set to [1:Disabled], the AF-assist beam will not be fired.


  • The AF-assist beam of an attached EX series Speedlite equipped with an LED light will fire as needed from the Speedlite's LED light in Live View shooting when you specify [Enable] or [Enable external flash only].