Picture Style Customization

You can customize any Picture Style by changing it from the default settings. For details on customizing [Monochrome], see [] Monochrome Adjustment.

  1. Press the Picture Style selection button.

    • The Picture Style selection screen will appear.
  2. Select a Picture Style.

    • Select the Picture Style to adjust, then press the INFO button.
  3. Select an option.

  4. Set the effect level.

    • Press the MENU button to save the adjusted setting and return to the Picture Style selection screen.
    • Any settings you change from default values are displayed in blue.

Settings and Effects

Strength 0: Weak outline emphasis 7: Strong outline emphasis
Fineness*1 1: Fine 5: Grainy
Threshold*2 1: Low 5: High
Contrast –4: Low contrast +4: High contrast
Saturation –4: Low saturation +4: High saturation
Color tone –4: Reddish skin tone +4: Yellowish skin tone

1: Indicates the fineness of the outlines to be emphasized. The smaller the number, the finer the outlines that can be emphasized.

2: Sets how much the outline is emphasized based on the difference in contrast between the subject and the surrounding area. The smaller the number, the more the outline will be emphasized when the contrast difference is low. However, noise tends to be more noticeable when the number is smaller.


  • For movie recording, [Fineness] and [Threshold] for [Sharpness] cannot be set (not displayed).
  • By selecting [Default set.] in step 3, you can restore the parameter settings of the respective Picture Style to their defaults.
  • To shoot with the Picture Style you adjusted, first select the adjusted Picture Style, then shoot.

[] Monochrome Adjustment

[] Filter effect

With a filter effect applied to a monochrome image, you can make white clouds or green trees stand out more.

Filter Sample Effects
N:None Normal black-and-white image with no filter effects.
Ye:Yellow The blue sky will look more natural, and the white clouds will look crisper.
Or:Orange The blue sky will look slightly darker. The sunset will look more brilliant.
R:Red The blue sky will look quite dark. Fall leaves will look crisper and brighter.
G:Green Skin tones and lips will appear muted. Green tree leaves will look crisper and brighter.


  • Increasing the [Contrast] will make the filter effect more pronounced.

[] Toning effect

By applying a toning effect, you can create a monochrome image in the selected color. Effective when you want to create memorable images.