Manual Flash

The flash output can be set in 1/3-stop increments from full flash (1/1) to 1/8192 flash.

Use a flash meter (commercially-available) to determine the required flash output to obtain a correct flash exposure. Setting the camera's shooting mode to Aperture-priority AE or Manual exposure is recommended.

  1. Select MODE with the joystick.

  2. Set the flash mode to Manual exposure.

    • Press the joystick up, down, left, or right, or turn Select dial and select M, then press the joystick vertically.
  3. Select Flash exposure compensation / flash output setting with the joystick.

  4. Set the flash output.

    • Push the joystick to the left or right or turn Select dial to set the flash output, then push the joystick vertically.
    • When you press the camera's shutter button halfway, an indication of the shooting distance (1) and the aperture value (2) are displayed.


  • If high-speed sync or optical transmission wireless is set, the setting range of the flash output will be 1/1 to 1/128.
  • For guide number details with manual flash, see "Specifications".
  • You can set the flash output by turning Select dial directly without selecting MODE with the joystick (C.Fn-13).

How to Set the Firing Output of the Manual Flash with the FE Memory Function

You can set the firing output adjusted in firing mode ETTL as the firing output of the firing mode M.

  1. Set the FE memory function.

    • Set the P.Fn-05 FEM setting in the personal functions to 1:ON ().
  2. Shoot with the firing mode set to ETTL.

    • Select MODE with the joystick.
    • Press the joystick up, down, left, or right, or turn Select dial and select ETTL, then press the joystick vertically.
    • Press the shutter button fully to shoot.
  3. Set the flash mode to M.

    • Select MODE with the joystick.
    • Press the joystick up, down, left, or right, or turn Select dial and select M, then press the joystick vertically.
  4. Check the flash output.


  • To fire the flash with the ETTL setting, do so when the charging lamp is lit in red (fully charged).
  • After shooting with the ETTL setting, if you make a change in the ISO sensitivity, aperture value or settings related to the firing output such as the light intensity, zoom, etc., we recommend that you shoot with the ETTL setting again.
  • When the white balance of the camera is set to Auto white balance, the color temperature difference between the flash and the surrounding ambient light is large, and when the flash compensation is set to the negative side and the [E-TTL balance] is set to [Ambience priority] , the hue of the shot image may differ between the ETTL and M settings. If the color temperature difference is large, installing a color filter may improve the hue.

    • Fluorescent lamp (white daylight) → Color filter light
    • Tungsten lamp → Color filter dense
    • Sunlight → filter not required
  • When you use the FE memory function in wireless multiple flash shooting, set the ETTL and M firing groups to the same configurations ahead of time. When ETTL is set to A:B C, set M to A:B:C.
  • Depending on the shooting conditions, the ETTL of the effective flash range display and M of the shooting distance display may be different.


  • When P.Fn-05 FEM is set to 2:ON / MODE ETTL/M, just push the joystick down to switch between ETTL and M.

Metered Manual Flash Exposure

When using an EOS-1D series camera, the flash exposure level can be manually set before shooting. This is effective when you are close to the subject. Use a 18% gray reflector (commercially available) and shoot as follows.

  1. Configure the camera and Speedlite settings.

    • Set the shooting mode of the camera to Manual exposure or Aperture-priority AE.
    • Set the Speedlite's flash mode to Manual exposure.
  2. Focus on the subject.

    • Focus on the subject manually.
  3. Set up an 18% gray reflector.

    • Place the gray reflector at the subject's position.
    • Aim the camera so that the entire spot metering circle within the viewfinder center is over the gray reflector.
  4. Press the Multi-function, AE lock, or FE Lock button (Timer 16 seconds).

    • The Speedlite will fire a preflash and the required flash output for the correct flash exposure is retained in memory.
    • On the right side of the viewfinder, the exposure level indicator will show the flash exposure level against the standard exposure.
  5. Set the flash exposure level.

    • Adjust the Speedlite's manual flash output and the aperture so that the flash exposure level aligns with the standard exposure index.
  6. Take the picture.

    • Remove the gray reflector and take the picture.


  • Metered manual flash exposure is available only with EOS-1D series cameras.