Movie Playback

  1. Switch to playback.

    • Press the Playback button.
  2. Select a movie.

    • Press the Left key Right key keys to select a movie to play.
    • In single-image display, a [Playback] icon in the center of the screen indicates that the image is a movie.
    • In index display, perforations at the left edge of a thumbnail indicate a movie. Movies cannot be played from index display, so press the Quick Control/Set button to switch to single-image display.
  3. In single-image display, press the Quick Control/Set button.

    • The movie will start playing back. Sound is played through the speaker.
    • You can pause playback and access the movie playback panel by pressing the Quick Control/Set button (). Press it again to resume the playback.
    • Press the Up key Down key keys to adjust the volume (even during playback).

Movie playback panel

Item Playback Operations
Playback Pressing the Quick Control/Set button toggles between playing movies and pausing playback.
Skip backward Skips backward approx. 1 sec. each time you press the Left key key. Holding down the Left key key will rewind the movie.
Skip forward Skips forward approx. 1 sec. each time you press the Right key key. Holding down the Right key key will fast forward the movie.
Playback position
hh:mm:ss Playback time (hours:minutes:seconds)
Volume Press the Up key Down key keys to adjust the speaker volume.
Return Press the MENU button to return to single-image display.
Edit Press the Communication/Multi-access button to access the editing screen ().


  • Adjust the volume using television controls when the camera is connected to a television for movie playback (), because volume cannot be adjusted by pressing the Up key Down key keys.
  • Movie playback may stop if the card's read speed is too slow or movie files have corrupted frames.