GPS Features

Your shots can be geotagged using GPS information (such as latitude, longitude, and elevation) from a smartphone paired via Bluetooth.

On the smartphone, activate location services.


  • Elevation is not as accurate as latitude or longitude, due to the nature of GPS.
  • Shots may not be geotagged immediately after the camera is turned on.
  • Countries/regions permitting use of GPS functions

  • Use of GPS features is restricted in some countries and regions, and illegal use may be punishable under national or local regulations. To avoid violating GPS regulations, visit the Canon website to check where use is allowed. Note that Canon cannot be held liable for any problems arising from use of GPS functions in other countries and regions.

    • Because the use of GPS may be restricted in some countries and regions, follow local laws and regulations where you will use the camera. Be particularly careful about using GPS functions outside your home country.
    • Be careful about using GPS functions where the operation of electronic devices is restricted.
    • Others may be able to locate or identify you by using location data in your geotagged still images or movies. Be careful when sharing these geotagged still images, movies, or GPS log files with others, such as when posting them online where many people can view them.

GPS Settings

  1. Start Camera Connect.

  2. Select [Wireless communication: GPS settings].

  3. Select [GPS via mobile].

    • Select [Enable].
  4. Shoot.

    • Confirm that [Bluetooth] is shown on the camera.
    • Select [GPS information display], and before shooting, make sure GPS information is displayed.
    • Your shots are now geotagged.
    • From now on, shots you take with Camera Connect running will be geotagged.


  • The location information added to movies is acquired initially, when you start recording.
  • In [GPS information display], you can review the location information added to shots. Latitude, longitude, elevation, and [UTC] (shooting date and time) are listed from top to bottom.
  • [UTC]: Coordinated Universal Time, essentially the same as Greenwich Mean Time
  • [---] is shown instead of numerical values for items not available on your smartphone or items not recorded correctly.
  • GPS signal reception may take a longer time in some cases.