Movie Recording Size

The frame rate can be set in [Shooting: Movie rec. size].

Movie Recording Size

Image size

Image Size Aspect Ratio
Full HD 1920×1080 16:9

Frame rate (fps: frames per second)

  • [29.97fps] 29.97fps

    For areas using the NTSC TV system, such as North America, Japan, South Korea, and Mexico.

  • [25.00fps] 25.00fps

    For areas using the PAL TV system, such as Europe, Russia, China, and Australia.

  • [23.98fps] 23.98fps

    Mainly for motion pictures. Available when [Set-up: Video system] is set to [For NTSC].

Cards That Can Record Movies

See Card performance requirements (movie recording) for details on cards that can record at each level of movie recording quality.

Test cards by recording a few movies to make sure they can record correctly.


  • If you use a slow-writing card when recording movies, the movie may not be recorded properly. Also, if you play back a movie on a card with a slow reading speed, the movie may not be played back properly.
  • When recording movies, use high-performance cards with a writing speed sufficiently higher than the bit rate.
  • When movies cannot be recorded correctly, format the card and try again. If formatting the card does not resolve the problem, refer to the card manufacturer’s website, etc.

Movie Recording Time Limit

The maximum recording time per movie is 9 min. 59 sec. Once 9 min. 59 sec. is reached, recording automatically stops. You can start recording a movie again by pressing the Movie recording button (which records the movie as a new file).