Viewer Window Functions

  1. (1)Protect icon
  2. (2)Information display*1
  3. (3)List view
  4. (4)Thumbnail view
  5. (5)Switches the recording media
  6. (6)Recording media folder hierarchy
  7. (7)Rating icon*2
  8. (8)HDR PQ icon HDR PQ icon
  9. (9)Bracketing icon Bracketing icon
  10. (10)Focus bracketing icon Focus bracketing icon()
  11. (11)Checkmark ()
  12. (12)Movie icon Movie mode icon
  13. (13)Recording time
  14. (14)Transfers selected images to the computer
  15. (15)Deletes selected images
  1. (16)Information display*1
  2. (17)Date filter
  3. (18)Changes the thumbnail order
  4. (19)Selects image conditions
  5. (20)Inverts the selection
  6. (21)Restricts display to selected images
  7. (22)Audio recording icon
  8. (23)Icon for transferred images
  9. (24)Still photo icon JPEG_HIFE_RAW icon
  10. (25)Dual Pixel RAW image icon
  11. (26)Image display size
  12. (27)Exits EU
  13. (28)Displays the main window
  14. (29)Displays the [Preferences] window
  • 1: The following information can be selected for display.
    [Date/Time] [Shooting information] [Size]
    Note that [Date/Time] is the file creation date.
  • 2: Shows ratings set on the camera or in Digital Photo Professional Ver. 3.9 or later. Note that [Reject] ratings are not displayed. Ratings cannot be set with EU.