Shuffle Print

Use [Shuffle print] on the Home screen to arrange images in a variety of sizes on one sheet automatically.

Use shuffle print for images on memory cards or USB flash drives as follows.

  • Load an ink cassette and paper cassette (with any paper except card size) in SELPHY (, ).
  • Note

    • Shuffle printing is not available for images with an aspect ratio narrower than 3:1.
  1. Choose [Shuffle print] and press OK.

  2. Adjust the settings as needed, and then press OK.

    • To use shuffle print for up to 8 images, set [Max. Images] to [8], and for 9–20 images, set it to [20].
  3. Choose images.

    • Pressing Up button places a check mark in the quantity field.
    • Press OK to access the [Preview] screen.
  4. Print.

    • Press OK to start printing.
    • Pressing Up buttonDown button enables you to set the print quantity.
    • Printing is possible even with fewer images than the maximum set in [Max. Images] (8 or 20), and if you choose more images than this, a second sheet is used for shuffle printing. In shuffle printing on two sheets, half of the selected images are printed on each sheet.