Countries/Regions Where Wireless Features and GPS Can Be Used

Compliance with national or regional radio wave regulations is as follows.



(As of November 2021)

Antigua and Barbuda Supported
Argentina Supported
Aruba Supported
Australia Supported
Austria Supported
Bahrain Supported
Belgium Supported
Benin Supported
Brazil Supported
Brunei Darussalam Supported
Bulgaria Supported
Burkina Faso Supported
Cambodia Supported
Canada Supported
Cayman Islands Supported
China Supported
Costa Rica Supported
CuraƧao Supported
Cyprus Supported
Czech Republic Supported
Denmark Supported
Egypt Supported
Estonia Supported
Finland Supported
France Supported
Germany Supported
Ghana Supported
Greece Supported
Hungary Supported
Iceland Supported
India Supported
Indonesia Supported
Ireland Supported
Italy Supported
Japan Supported
Jordan Supported
Korea, Republic of Supported
Kuwait Supported
Latvia Supported
Lebanon Supported
Libya Supported
Liechtenstein Supported
Lithuania Supported
Luxembourg Supported
Malaysia Supported
Malta Supported
Morocco Supported
Mozambique Supported
Nepal Supported
Netherlands Supported
New Zealand Supported
Norway Supported
Oman Supported
Poland Supported
Portugal Supported
Qatar Supported
Romania Supported
Russian Federation Supported
Rwanda Supported
Serbia Supported
Singapore Supported
Sint Maarten (Dutch part) Supported
Slovakia Supported
Slovenia Supported
Spain Supported
Sweden Supported
Switzerland Supported
Taiwan Supported
Thailand Supported
Turkey Supported
United Arab Emirates Supported
United Kingdom Supported
United States Supported