Radio Transmission Wireless Flash Photography

This chapter describes radio transmission wireless flash photography using sender and receiver functionality.

For details on Speedlites compatible with this wireless flash photography, refer to the Supplemental Information ().


  • Operations described in this chapter are not available when the camera is in Full Auto or Basic Zone modes. Set the camera's shooting mode to Flexible-priority AE, Program AE, Shutter-priority AE, Aperture-priority AE, Manual exposure, or Bulb (Bulb) (Creative Zone).
  • When it is important to maintain the wireless connection, do not operate the power switch or move parts such as the battery compartment cover. The wireless connection will be terminated.
  • If the flash is placed close to a floor or wall, the flash output may become unstable. In this case, move the flash away from the floor or wall, or change the direction the flash is facing, before shooting.


  • The EL-10 attached to the camera is referred to as a “sender,” and other Speedlites controlled wirelessly are referred to as “receivers.”
  • The EL-10 also supports remote release (remote shooting) from a receiver (). For details, refer to the instruction manual of a Speedlite equipped with remote release functionality.