Flash Control from the Camera Menu

You can set flash functions and Custom Functions from the camera menu. If Custom Functions on the Speedlite are not displayed on the camera, try updating the camera firmware, or set them from the Speedlite.

For camera instructions, refer to the camera instruction manual.

  1. Select Menu direct with the joystick.

    • A menu is displayed on the camera.

Flash Function Settings

  1. Set the function.

    • The setting screen and items displayed vary depending on the camera.
    • Select an item and set the function.

    Example of display

Settings Available on the Flash Function Settings Screen

On the camera's [Flash function settings] or [External flash func. setting] screen, you can configure settings for normal flash photography or radio transmission wireless flash photography.

Main functions you can configure are as follows. Available settings vary depending on flash mode, wireless function settings, and other conditions.

Flash firing Enable / Disable
E-TTL balance Ambience priority / Standard / Flash priority
E-TTL II meter. Eval (FacePrty) / Evaluative / Average
Contin flash ctrl E-TTL each shot / E-TTL 1st shot
Slow synchro
Flash mode E-TTL II flash metering (autoflash) / Manual flash / MULTI flash (stroboscopic)
Wireless functions Wireless:Off / Radio transmission
Flash zoom (flash coverage)
Shutter synchronization First-curtain synchronization / Second-curtain synchronization / High-speed synchronization
Flash exposure compensation
Flash exposure bracketing
  • Flash firing

    To enable flash photography, set to [Enable]. To enable only the AF-assist beam of the Speedlite, set to [Disable].

  • E-TTL balance

    You can set your preferred appearance (balance) for flash shots. This setting enables you to adjust the ratio of ambient light to Speedlite light output.

  • E-TTL II meter.

    Set to [Eval (FacePrty)] for flash metering suitable for shots of people. High-speed continuous shooting is slower than when [Evaluative] or [Average] is selected. Set to [Evaluative] for flash metering that emphasizes firing in continuous shooting. If [Average] is set, flash exposure is averaged for the entire metered scene. Depending on the scene, flash exposure compensation may be necessary.

  • Contin flash ctrl

    Set to [E-TTL each shot] to perform flash metering for each shot. Set to [E-TTL 1st shot] to perform flash metering for only the first shot before continuous shooting. The flash output level for the first shot is applied to all subsequent shots. Useful when prioritizing continuous shooting speed without recomposing shots.

  • Slow synchro

    You can set the flash-sync speed for flash photography in Aperture-priority AE (aperture-priority AE) mode.

  • Flash mode

    You can choose the flash mode from [E-TTL II flash metering], [Manual flash], or [MULTI flash (stroboscopic)] to suit your desired flash photography.

  • Wireless functions

    You can set up radio transmission wireless flash photography. For details, see Radio Transmission Wireless Flash Photography.

  • Flash zoom (flash coverage)

    You can set the Speedlite flash coverage. Set to [Auto] for automatic configuration of flash coverage to suit the lens focal length and image sensor size ().

  • Shutter synchronization

    As the flash firing timing/method, you can choose from [First-curtain synchronization], [Second-curtain synchronization], or [High-speed synchronization]. For normal flash photography, set to [First-curtain synchronization].

  • Flash exposure compensation

    Just as exposure compensation is adjusted, you can also adjust flash output. The amount of flash exposure compensation can be set in a range of ±3 stops, in 1/3-stop increments.

  • Flash exposure bracketing

    Enables automatic adjustment to different flash output levels as three shots are taken at once. The setting range is ±3 stops, in 1/3-stop increments.

  • Clear settings

    Select [Clear flash settings] or [Clear external flash set.] to restore Speedlite settings to defaults.


  • [Flash zoom] (flash coverage) is not available when flash coverage is automatically set, as when the wide panel is used.


  • Flash exposure compensation cannot be performed from the camera when it is set on the Speedlite. If both are set at the same time, the Speedlite setting takes precedence.

Flash C.Fn Settings

You can set Custom Functions for the Speedlite from the camera menu. The information displayed varies depending on the Speedlite used. For details on Custom Functions, see Customization with Custom Functions.

  1. Select [Flash C.Fn settings].

    • Select [Flash C.Fn settings] or [External flash C.Fn setting].
  2. Set the Custom Function.

    • Select the Custom Function number (1), then set the function.
    • To clear all the Custom Function settings, select [Clear settings] in step 1, then select [Clear all Speedlite C.Fn's] or [Clear ext. flash C.Fn set.].


  • Personal Functions (P.Fn) cannot be set or collectively cleared from the camera menu screen. Set them on the Speedlite.