Configuring the IPv6 Addresses

To use IPv6 addresses, you need to configure the settings manually.


  • If you are not sure what to enter, ask your network administrator.
  1. Select [Connection: Network settings].

  2. Select [Manual setting].

  3. Select [Comm settings].

  4. Select Comm settings for using IPv6.

  5. Select [Change].

  6. Select [TCP/IPv6].

  7. Select the item to be set.

  • Use TCP/IPv6

    • Set IPv6 to [Enable] or [Disable].
  • Manual setting

    • To set the IP addresses manually, select [Enable]. [DNS server] will be set to [Manual setting] and you will be able to specify [DNS address], [Manual address], [Prefix length], and [Gateway].
  • DNS server

    • To set the IP address of the DNS server manually, select [Manual setting].
    • If you do not use a DNS server, select [Disable].
    • When [Auto assign] is configured, if you set [Manual setting] to [Enable], [Manual setting] will be configured.
  • DNS address / Manual address / Gateway

    • Select an item and display the virtual keyboard. Use the virtual keyboard to enter an IP address.

  • Prefix length

    • Use Quick Control Dial and select a number from 0 through 128 to specify the prefix length.