Modeling Lamp

Pressing the LAMP button illuminates the modeling lamp for 5 min. To turn it off, press the button again.

This is useful for checking subject shadows created by the Speedlite.

Pressing the camera shutter button completely turns off the modeling lamp.


  • Avoid looking directly at the modeling lamp at close range, which may cause visual impairment.
  • Shooting with the modeling lamp on from a camera in Manual exposure shooting mode may cause underexposure.
  • When the flash does not fire, such as when the flash is disabled or when shooting a movie, the modeling lamp does not turn off automatically even if you press the shutter button fully.
  • A warning appears when the modeling lamp becomes hot ().
  • The modeling lamp may dim or turn off if the ambient temperature around it becomes too high.


  • You can change how the modeling lamp is activated in C.Fn-18.
  • Brightness of the modeling lamp can be adjusted in P.Fn-06.
  • You can select how long the modeling lamp remains on in P.Fn-07.
  • The light is dimmer when a wide panel is used.
  • The modeling lamp of connected sender/receiver units () turns on and off in response to pressing the LAMP button when the Speedlite is a sender in radio transmission wireless flash photography.