Starting Up and Exiting the Application


  • Before working with clips in HEVC format, download and install Canon HEVC Activator (Canon EOS R5) from the Canon website.

Starting Up

  1. Start the application from the [EOS VR Utility] icon.

    • Windows: Double-click the [EOS VR Utility] icon on the desktop.
    • macOS: Click the [EOS VR Utility] icon in the Dock.
  2. Click [OK].

  3. Select an option.

    • Click [Yes] and go to step 4 if you already have a subscription or wish to subscribe.
    • Click [No] to use the application with limited functionality.
  4. Select an option.

    • To subscribe, select [Move to the plans page] and follow the instructions displayed. If multiple Canon IDs are managed on your computer, you can click [Switch users] to switch to your preferred Canon ID to use for the subscription.
    • After subscribing, select [Use functions of the subscribed plan] and sign in to use the application with full functionality.


  • Deleting the Canon ID for your subscription will prevent you from using the subscription.



Select [Exit] in the [File] menu or click the Close button ([×]) in the application window.


Select [Quit EOS VR Utility] in the [EOS VR Utility] menu.