Customization with Personal Functions

P.Fn-01: Quick flash (Quick flash)

You can set whether to fire the flash (Quick flash) when the flash-ready lamp is still blinking in red (before fully charged), so there is less time to wait for recharging.

  • 0: ON (Enabled)
  • 1: OFF (Disabled)


  • Using Quick flash in continuous shooting () may cause underexposure, due to the reduced flash output.

P.Fn-02: Flash firing during linked shooting (Flash firing during linked shooting)

You can set whether to fire the Speedlite attached to the camera in linked shooting (). Set for each Speedlite used in linked shooting.

  • 0: OFF (Disabled)

    The Speedlite does not fire during linked shooting.

  • 1: ON (Enabled)

    The Speedlite fires during linked shooting.


  • Firing multiple Speedlites together in linked shooting may prevent suitable exposure or cause uneven exposure.

P.Fn-03: Changing the settings with the dial (Change settings with dial)

You can select whether to allow direct configuration of the kinds of functions shown in the lower figure simply by turning Select dial on screens such as this one that are accessed by pushing the joystick straight in.

  • 0: OFF (Disabled)

    Normal method of operation.

  • 1: ON (Enabled)

    Enables selection of setting items (for the flash exposure compensation amount, manual flash output, firing group control, flash ratio, flash modes in group firing, receiver firing groups, and FEB) with the joystick and direct configuration simply by turning Select dial.

    In MULTI flash mode, flash frequency and flash count can be set directly.


  • To select a setting item on the setting screen when P.Fn-03 is set to [1], press the joystick vertically or horizontally.

P.Fn-05: Beeping (Beeping)

You can enable beeping after the Speedlite is fully charged.

  • 0: ON

    In normal shooting (on-camera flash photography), the Speedlite beeps after it is fully charged.

    With the Speedlite set as a sender in radio transmission wireless flash photography, the sender beeps after all Speedlites (senders and receivers) are fully charged. Sender beeping enables you to confirm recharging of the entire wireless system. On receivers, P.Fn-05 can be set to [0] or [1]. With Speedlites set as wireless receivers in linked shooting (), each Speedlite set to [0] beeps after it is fully charged.

  • 1: OFF

    The Speedlite does not beep.


  • Also when set to [0], the Speedlite beeps if high flash head or battery temperature has restricted firing ().

P.Fn-06: MODELING LAMP (brightness) (Modeling lamp (brightness))

You can set the brightness of the modeling lamp.

Turn Select dial to select an option, then push the joystick straight in.

(1) Selected cursor position

(2) Default indicator

  • LAMP brightness: Press the joystick horizontally or turn Select dial to set modeling lamp brightness.


  • Also when the modeling lamp is lit, you can adjust brightness by pressing the joystick horizontally or turning Select dial, then pressing the joystick straight in.

P.Fn-07: MODELING LAMP (period of illumination) (Modeling lamp (period of illumination))

You can set the period of illumination of the modeling lamp.

  • 0: 5 min.
  • 1: 30 min.
  • 2: Unlimited

P.Fn-08: CUSTOMIZE DIRECT (joystick customization) (Joystick customization)

You can assign frequently used functions to vertical or horizontal joystick positions. This simplifies access to the setting screen – just press the joystick in the direction that the function is assigned to.

To select a direction for the setting, press the joystick horizontally, and to select the function to assign, press it vertically.

  • The following functions can be configured.
    • Menu direct: Menu direct
    • MODE: Flash mode
    • Wireless / linked shooting setting: Wireless/linked shooting setting
    • Flash exposure compensation / flash output setting: Flash exposure compensation/flash output setting
    • ZOOM: Flash zoom
    • SYNC: Shutter synchronization
    • Modeling lamp intensity: Modeling lamp intensity


  • To restore defaults for all customized settings, press the joystick horizontally, select [RESET], then push the joystick straight in.