Main Window

You can select the display magnification of sample images and layout of before-and-after images.

  1. (1) Image rotation (90-degree increments clockwise or counterclockwise)
  2. (2) Horizontally tiled before-and-after display ()
  3. (3) Vertically tiled before-and-after display ()
  4. (4) Normal display
  5. (5) Coordinates at cursor position
  6. (6) Color mode ()
  1. (7) 100% view (actual pixels)
  2. (8) Fit to window
  3. (9) Display magnification (5 levels: 12.5%, 25%, 50%, 100%, and 200%)
  4. (10) Working color space ()
  5. (11) Color values at cursor position (before/after adjustment and difference, as converted to 8 bits)

Enlarging a Specific Area

You can enlarge a specific area in the main window to 100%.

  1. Double-click the area to magnify (for example, (1)).

    • Centered on the area you double-click, display is enlarged to 100%, showing the actual pixels. It may take some time until the image is displayed clearly.
    • To move the display position, either drag the image or, in the [Navigator] window, drag the magnified area position ().
    • Double-click again to show the entire image.

Tiling Before/After Images

You can display before-and-after versions of the image, showing the results as you edit Picture Styles.

  1. Select [Tile horizontally] or [Tile vertically].

    [] Tile horizontally

    • The original image is shown on top, with the image reflecting Picture Style adjustments on bottom.

    [] Tile vertically

    • The original image is shown on the left, with the image reflecting Picture Style adjustments on the right.