Connecting via WPS (PBC Mode)

These instructions are continued from Checking the Type of Access Point.

This is a connection mode available when using an access point compatible with WPS. In pushbutton connection mode (PBC mode), the camera and the access point can be connected simply by pressing the WPS button on the access point.

  • If multiple access points are active in the surrounding area, it may be more difficult to establish a connection. In such a case, try using [WPS (PIN mode)] to establish a connection.
  • Check the position of the WPS button on the access point in advance.
  • It may take approx. one minute to establish a connection.
  1. Select [Connect with WPS].

  2. Select [WPS (PBC mode)].

    • Select [OK] to proceed to the next screen.
  3. Connect to the access point.

    • Press the access point's WPS button. For details about where the button is located and how long to press it, refer to the access point's instruction manual.
    • Select [OK] to establish a connection with the access point.
    • When a connection with the access point is established, the next screen is displayed.

    Go to Setting the IP Address.